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St. Michael's Media is a (c)(3) organization which operates in the State of Michigan under the officially-registered assumed name of Church Militant via the .
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About Lester Sumrall. Lester Sumrall. The Church Militant takes this observation to the natural conclusion, a Catholic or Catholic-like superpower that is very heavily armed. While most agents will rely on Hand Cannons , expect a few priests and nuns to swing around a broadsword or two.

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  4. In fantasy settings they'll probably also have divine magic - White Magic for Good-aligned religions and Black Magic for the Evil ones; remember, though, White isn't always good , just as Black isn't always bad. Oftentimes, they might instead favor the mace , hammer , or staff out of an alleged commitment to peace.


    What in the world makes bashing a head in less "violent" than cutting it off? Well, sometimes it's because theoretically blunt instruments are pretty good for "just" beating the hell out of an opponent.

    'An army ready to fight' gathers to protect Mother Church

    Other times, it's because they take an excessively legalist view of a commandment against, say, "spilling blood" or "taking up the sword. Usually justified by the actual existence of witches , vampires or The Legions of Hell ; nevertheless the Church Militant often struggles with going too far. Don't expect heavy consistency with real world religious teachings, writers will make it up as they go along c.

    Militant Church | Dr. Sumrall's Legacy Collection of Works

    The Lowest Cosmic Denominator. Anime will just substitute in that Nuns Are Mikos.

    Individual members are usually Hunters or Warrior Monks and can also be referred to as "church militants" where "militant" is the noun. The sword-slinging holy-equipped special forces of the Church Military are usually known as Paladins.

    Headlines — September 25, 2019

    Nuns with guns usually come halfway between this and Amazon Brigade. If a Church Militant exists as a subdivision of a larger, predominantly pacifist Church, expect it to be called "The Inquisition" regardless of the fact that Real Life inquisition was more like a detective and judicial branch of the Catholic Church see also The Spanish Inquisition than its military arm.

    The Militant Church

    See also Kung Fu Jesus. Not to be confused with Corrupt Church , where the religious folks are clearly the bad guys. Badass clergymen who are minorities amongst a meeker lot would be Badass Preachers instead. Also not to be confused with the actual Catholic concept of the Church Militant which comprises all believers still on Earth, as compared with the Church Triumphant, the believers in Heaven.